Is the recipient’s inbox too small or the e-mail too big?
Do you want to send bigger files quickly and easily?

Then try this!

Save bandwidth by using our service to send large files. That way the file doesn’t have to be converted into the bigger e-mail format on your computer.

From what file size is it worthwhile to use file2send?

E-mail clients have to convert binary files into a compatible format before sending them, usually Base64. The result is that the attachment becomes much larger than the original was. A 1.2 MB JPEG image increases to 1.63 MB with Base64 coding! That means that it also pays off to send smaller files starting at 500 KB through our service, depending on the internet connection.

Will I receive notification when a sent file is downloaded?

No, not yet, but that feature will be available in the future. We do, however, inform you if the file was not downloaded by the expiration date.

Is there a limit to the size of the file attachment?

Yes, right now the file size is limited to ca. 500 MB. That can change in the future.

Are several uploads at a time possible?

No, only one upload can be carried out at a time!

What is a MD5 checksum?

file2send attaches an md5 file when sending the notification e-mail. It contains the so-called MD5 checksum. MD5 stands for "Message Digest Algorithm 5" and is a cryptographic hash function with which the integrity of the file upload can be checked.

The sender can use a program like HashTab to have the uploaded file’s checksum generated in order to compare it with the checksum issued by the website. If the checksums match, that means that the files are identical. The recipient can then check the integrity of the file again after downloading it.

Click here if you would like to have more detailed information about MD5.

How long and how often is the file to be transmitted available for downloading?

Unfortunately, the length of time the file can be kept and the number of downloads have to be restricted because the server has only a finite capacity. Currently the files are available to be downloaded up to 5 times for 7 days. Future plans include free registration, which will encompass longer file storage times and an increase in the number of downloads.

How is file2send being financed?

file2send is a project under development by Mitting UG (haftungsbeschränkt).

The Mitting UG (haftungsbeschränkt) is currently financing all the fixed server costs incl. traffic of this development project. Please support us, so that we can continue to develop projects that are free for you to use.